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Modified engineering plastic PBT processing technology (2020-1-20 11:05:36)
Injection Process of modified Plastic PC/ABS (2020-1-13 8:23:58)
Talking about the difference between PVC plastic floor and imported anti-static PVC board (2020-1-6 8:16:08)
Performance requirements of modified plastic PP and modified PC materials in automotive interior applications (2020-1-2 14:23:55)
How to solve the problem of turbulence in plastic injection molding, especially PVC injection molding products? (2019-12-30 9:40:18)
Design of PVC pipe extrusion mould (2019-12-26 9:21:08)
PVC granules supplier-where to buy safe Pvc granules (2019-12-24 8:22:10)
Increasing the speed of the melt glue can also improve the air pattern problem in the use of PVC granules (2019-12-23 10:00:53)
Analysis of the reasons why the extruded PVC sealing strip (pvc automotive sealing strip) has poor fluidity during extrusion (2019-12-20 14:54:29)
Analysis of the most fundamental reason for scorching of PVC injection products (2019-12-19 9:44:41)
Processing technology and application of flame retardant PVC products (2019-12-18 14:14:56)
Application of polyvinyl chloride PVC pellets in the field of automobile manufacturing (2019-12-17 7:51:16)
Application of polyvinyl chloride Pvc granules(pvc compound) in the field of automobile manufacturing (2019-12-16 10:38:02)
How to optimize the injection molding process and improve the plating performance of PC / ABS modified plastics? (2019-12-2 9:30:48)
JiaHong Plastics in K 2019 in Dusseldorf on 16 to 23 October,2019 (2019-10-21 15:24:43)

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