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Study on the impact resistance ACR of rigid pvc modifier (2020-11-23 10:14:06)
Some technical data for improving the heat resistance of PVC materials2 (2020-11-16 8:45:17)
Some technical data for improving the heat resistance of PVC materials1 (2020-11-16 8:44:10)
PVC prices may remain high and stable in the last two months of 2020 (2020-11-9 10:07:31)
What is the difference between the extrusion process of Rigid vinyl compound extrusion products and the ejection process? (2020-11-2 8:34:33)
Cause analysis of warpage and deformation of Rigid vinyl compound injection products (2020-10-19 9:03:02)
Conductive Rigid vinyl compound black material (2020-10-10 10:35:11)
Application of modified PP plastics on charging piles for new energy vehicles (2020-10-8 8:46:33)
Add and update a little knowledge of PVC pipe fitting (2020-9-21 8:32:22)
Modification method and application strategy of modified pp (2020-8-3 9:30:31)
Process skills for the shrinkage of thick-wall modified ABS, modified PP, and modified PC injection molded parts (2020-7-27 8:31:36)
The latest way to enhance PA6 modification (2020-7-20 10:23:04)
Basic knowledge of modified engineering plastics dry goods-the mechanism of toughening modification of nylon 6 (2020-7-6 8:45:20)
Ideas to analyze and solve the problem of rigid injection molding PVC flash (2020-6-30 14:53:56)
Comparison of injection molding process between UPVC pipe fitting pellets and PVC powder (2020-6-15 8:58:31)

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