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Обзор исследований совместимости наборов для инъекций ПВХ с лекарственными средствами (2018-11-12 10:52:20)
A review of studies on compatibility of PVC infusion sets with drugs (2018-11-12 10:47:49)
Каковы применения твердых и экологически чистых ПВХ-гранул? Какова текущая ценовая тенденция? (2018-11-7 9:39:37)
What are the applications of hard and environmentally friendly PVC pellets? What is the current price trend? (2018-11-7 9:38:07)
Сырье ПВХ: разделено на два типа: гранулы и порошок. Каковы две отличия? Что такое ПВХ-гранулы? (2018-11-5 9:00:57)
PVC raw materials: divided into two types: granules and powder. What are the two differences? What is PVC granules? (2018-11-5 8:48:12)
pvc related with jiahong plastics in china (2018-10-29 14:30:01)
Production and development of rigid transparent medical environment-friendly PVC granule,pvc compound (2018-10-29 9:28:59)
Fire retarding properties of pvc granules(pvc compound) (2018-10-15 10:16:36)
Plasticisers with pvc granules & pvc compound (2018-8-23 8:32:38)
The history of PVC (2018-8-13 10:17:39)
PVC's Physical Properties (2018-8-7 11:54:52)
schedule of exhibition of our company and factory in 2018 (2018-3-7 8:16:17)
Welcome to K 2016, our booth no. is 71/E03-20 (pvc granules / pvc compound producer) (2016-7-13 10:51:58)
In china which company can supply medical -injection grade transparent pvc granules(pvc compound) to make disposable chest drainage bottle ? (2016-3-21 11:45:49)

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